Clear Badge Holder Options to protect Your ID Card

Losing or misplacing an ID badge is easy to do. When a badge is lost, the card holder is normally frustrated with the situation and the company often does not relish the thought of replacement due to costs, time and energy. When a clear badge holder is used, employees have a better method of securing their ID card while at work. They may be able to find the badge faster when looking for both a card and holder. Many badge holder options are available. Following are a few of the popular holders that work well in many organizations.

Vinyl Badge Holders

It is commonly found and have been used effectively for many years. The vinyl pouch surrounds the card for protection. Some of the current plastic badge holders have Enamel Pin Badges a zip lock seal which will protect the card from any dirt or moisture in the workplace environment. Some of these badge holders come with an attached clip so that they can be worn as is. Other holders come with slot and chain holes. This allows you to select the best attachment, such as a badge clip or lanyard, to wear the badge and holder. Vinyls are often found at conferences and events.

Rigid Plastic Holders

It comes in different colors and many styles. The holders have an extractor slide that lets a card in and out of the holder as needed. These holders allow either vertical or horizontal badge layouts and come in many colors to match the organizational style. The holder has a slot and chain hole so that you can select an attachment such as a clip, lanyard or badge reel to wear the badge. One of the best things about this holder is that it keeps the card from bending in busy environments. An example of when this holder would be useful is in an elementary classroom setting. The holder will assist in increasing the lifespan of some cards. The holder will reduce the incidents of bending, flexing and chewing on the edges of the cards by the students.

Proximity Badge Holders

Proximity badge holders are used for those who access doors or networks while on the job. Proximity cards are expensive and their longevity is important to keep organizational costs under control. Proximity badge holders allow the card holder to display or carry these cards throughout the workday while allowing appropriate use for access to secured areas.

Smart Card Holders

This holder is a recent addition to the card holder group. The holder is designed specifically for government and large corporate ID cards that hold sensitive information. The holders specifically restrict the card information from being read by the wrong group of people. Many high security cards today contain sensitive embedded information that is placed there by the photo id printer or other method. To insure that this information is secure, protection is provided by the smart card holder as it shields the information from release at all times. When the card holder wishes to allow the release of the information, they can squeeze the top of the holder so that it opens enough to allow a scanner to extract the information.

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