“Gorilla” marketing can be that’s used to describe a shrewd marketing plan that is unusual, disruptive to other people, and be repeated. It draws attention due to being inevitable and cannot be overlooked. While it can bring the name and purpose across and grab an attention huge number of people but it can also cause irritation and push people off from the company being advertised.


Graffiti can be seen sprawled on the walls in the concrete jungle. It’s art when a skilled artist creates it check over here. The vibrant colors and striking designs usually cause it to be remembered by manypeople, and it catches the eye of those who pass by. This method of advertising the message or logo is sprayed across walls, buildings, fences and other structures, so that it can be visible to people who get on with their lives. It’s usually located outside, and can be seen along busy roads or sidewalks. While graffiti can be found spread across the concrete jungle However, there are different methods available online and there’s only one king in that jungle! If you’re looking to know more about Guerrilla strategies on the internet, then you have contact King Kong, those guys have the knowledge to get the job accomplished!

When it comes to online, placing graffiti online could change the appearance of graffiti from being in walls and buildings to appearing on social media, websites, and on blogs. Make use of the most popular websites and pages that you can access and put up large, bright, and brief ads with a single word or image in the center.

Use Everyday Items for Marketing

Like graffiti, this involves putting your company’s name, keywords, phrases or slogans onto items that people use daily. Instead of looking for common objects, you can place your brand and products in different areas. Include it in posts on social media as well as shared with regular customers. You can also use challenges and competitions that encourage users to utilize the tags and to share the images, and then they’ll be featured appearing in news feeds across the globe.

Social media is a great medium for this kind of marketing since the people who are using your products are the ones who become your advertisers, which makes it economical and simple to manage.

Use Jokes and Puns

On the internet, they are frequently made into memes, and then shared all over the internet quickly and effortlessly. People tend to remember items that make people laugh, than things that don’t trigger any reaction whatsoever. Making jokes or puns that relate to your company, products, or even your services will draw attention, and users will visit websites to see what they’re discussing. Making memes is similar to street advertising and can be easily shared online between platforms.


Giving away free goods or offering a free product or set of items is bound to draw interest. A lot of these will require sharing the contest or post to be a winner, while some are shared to promote the free item, as people share it with their friends, so that they can gain access to the freebie. This kind of marketing is also a result of the customers and could substantially increase the number of people who visit and click without a lot of effort. You can give away a prize at any time you wish and the only cost are the product that you’re offering and possibly costs for shipping.

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