Open Cell Foam Insulation

A popular advancement in keeping your home insulated is a product called Sealite. This is an open cell foam based insulation that represents many benefits in efficiency savings. Many green homes choose to use this type of application because of how environmentally safe it is. This application is also easier to install than traditional insulation because it is a spray based application. Less labor means less money you spend installing it.

One of the reasons why open cell foam insulation is so beneficial to the environment is because 20% of it is made out of completely renewable agricultural products. Some of the products used in this manor are sugar cane, corn, and sugar beets عزل فوم بالدمام. This allows less waste for these products, and allows for the insulation to be less harmful to use.

The main driving factor of this foam insulation is how well it holds heat inside your home. It is more dense than your traditional insulation application which will save you money on your heating and air bills. It completely covers wherever it goes because the application is sprayed on, and not stapled to your exterior walls. Using less energy will also help out the environment because this will lower your carbon footprint. Many people and businesses alike are taking an initiative in helping to keep our environment healthy.

Many insulation products are prone to mildew and mold over time, especially when water is involved. Open cell foam insulation has special anti-microbial ingredients inside of it that help prevent any build up of mold or mildew. This will not only make the quality of air inside your home healthier, but can also prevent mold buildup on the back side of your walls.

Open cell foam insulation is made to last. Once the application is sprayed, it will last as long as the house or building lasts. You can also use this application no matter how your walls are designed. Having a sprayed insulation makes installation for hard to reach areas a lot easier, ensuring that no crevice is missed.

Most people think of insulation as an itchy, foul smelling application that no one wants to deal with. Open cell foam insulation actually does not put off any odors like traditional insulation. There is also nothing toxic put into the insulation itself. You can be confident that none of the chemicals involved in open cell foam insulation has any type of ozone depleting characteristic and none of the chemicals represent any harm to the air quality of your home.

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